Memorial ProgramOFPD

Olympia Fields Park District Tree & Bench Commemorative Program

Celebrate a special occasion, honor someone you hold dear or remember a loved one by donating a tree or bench. A tree or bench makes a lovely gift or memorial and also contributes to the beauty and variety of the park landscape.

A tree spreads its strength and beauty across the years to become a lasting recognition of remembrance. Trees will be planted either in the spring or fall of each year as weather permits, depending on the species of tree. Application deadline is March 1st for spring and September 1st for fall.

Benches require an 8-10 week lead time from the date of the initial order to final installation.

Ordering Information:
To order a tree or bench, please call the Olympia Fields Park District Maintenance Department at 708-481-7313, ext. 229. We will assist you with the process of selecting a tree or bench, deciding on the wording for the plaque, and choosing a fitting location for your memorial.

A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself.
He plants it for posterity.
….Alexander Smith